Saturday, December 19, 2009


Pre-kids, at Christmas (and other times for that matter), while I would bake, I would have to hide the dough / batter / freshly baked items from Danny. I would never cease to find a missing cookie or a spoon full of dough / batter missing. He always had an alibi handy, but I knew who the culprit ultimately was. Well, it seems such a gene has been passed down to our little Christian Daniel. My Christmas baking was just far too tempting for him. There were several times when I was letting cookies cool and I would find Mr. Christian pushing a chair across the room and peeking up over the side of the counter, licking his lips, and only stopping with the help of mommy's quick flicks of his hands (don't worry, I'm not THAT mean...he did get a cookie or two, and ALWAYS got to lick the beaters).

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