Thursday, January 14, 2010

A Five Year Honeymoon - PURE MAGIC

January 8th of this year was our five year wedding anniversary. Danny regularly gets a bit depressed when the holidays are over, and the celebration of our anniversary swoops in at the perfect time to bring much needed cheer. Though we didn't have money for gifts, we saved for a nice dinner out and Danny's sister Monica watched the boys for us.

My dad's best friend, Chris Grant (ie the 'Great Grantini'), is an amazing magician, and is also a member of the Magic Castle in Hollywood. I thought it would be a memorable evening to have dinner there, and subsequently watch some of the tremendous magic acts that the Castle is known for. It did not short it was the best anniversary we've shared yet!

Though the drive took 3 hours instead of the hour/20 mins. that it was supposed to take, pulling up to the entrance allowed our excitement to overtake the frazzled nerves we shared previously. Dressed to the nines (Danny in a suit and I wore a fancy dancy dress with heels to the heavens), we met Chris and he immediately started giving us a private tour of the facility = throwing in some magic while he was at it. Dinner was nothing short of phenomenal. We had been saving a very special bottle of wine from my dad - a 2000 Silver Oak Napa Cabernet Sauvignon, and brought it to have with dinner. The wine, in Danny's words, "Stole the show". When corked, the fragrance of flowers filled the air, and the wine itself tasted of the loveliest roses. It was by far the best wine we'd ever had.

Afterwards we saw several magic in a gallery and others in the close up rooms. At one point, as we stood in the back of one room as a trick was ending, I gasped "WHAT?!" in astonishment of the trick. EVERYONE in the room (including Audrina Patridge from The Hills) turned and looked at me. Heavens knows they were probably guessing I'm from the Inland Empire (a '909er') with my scads of class. ;-)

We returned home to a quiet home and rested well. It was a perfect day, and we look forward to many more!


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