Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Church News

Our church made a commitment several years ago to embark on a campaign to purchase land to build a new building for our growing congregation (in a community regularly growing in numbers). As of January, we closed escrow on 18 acres! I beamed with a tremendous amount of pride to be witness to such an event, as Danny and I both recognize that small but essential parts we play in the future of our church.

As of last week, the leadership of our church proposed a name change from "Nuevo Community Church" to "Olive Grove Church" to help aid in our heart's desires to bring about a sense of belonging to the people who visit and attend our church.

These are extremely exciting times in our church, and there are many people that are just as thrilled as we are. However, there are also people who are hesitant to the changes that are coming about for one reason or another. Please keep our church leadership in your prayers as we seek to honor God in His will for us and our congregation.

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