Monday, June 7, 2010

Blogger's Guilt

It is definitely a term that no former decade would be familiar with.  I don't even know if it is a legitimate term.  It is, however, the perfect description for my state of mind every time I think about the blogs I so want to post, recognizing I don't have the time to upload pics and sit and write my thoughts, leaving you, my friends, hanging.  Hanging.  Since Mother's Day.  Hanging.  ::SIGH::  I'm so sorry all.

In short, I have been busy.  I made a chart to help control (or really corral and teach) my toddler.  Complete with stickers.  It is really pretty.  I took a picture.  I want to write a post just about that.

I received a gor-ge-ous orchid for Mother's Day from my sister-in-law.  I have a theory about gifts of such beauty.  I took a picture.  I want to post about it.

My dad made me a cookbook holder.  We discussed my desire for one when he visited (back when Danny was in "Oh Geez, Belize?!").  A couple weeks later I got a surprise package in the mail.  From my amazing dad, the woodworker, Jack of all Trades.  It is gorgeous.  I took a picture with all intent of posting about it.

Jonathan is crawling.  On all fours.  And pulling up.  And falling on my tile floors.  Tried not to take a picture of that...don't want to post about that.  (My ears are still ringing from the cries).

Two words: Brazilian Blowout.  Probably not what you think.  Pictures taken and totally blog worthy.  

I had a week of visits with college friends, Campus Crusade friends, and Disneyland friends (aka Mickey and Minnie).  Had a houseguest from Colorado.  Went on a trip to Palm Springs for Conference of the Missionary Church.  With the kids.  First time in a hotel with both of them.  Little sleep but great memories.  Got home, packed and drove 15 hours to Colorado.  With the kids.  Even less sleep.  Great memories.  Pictures and blog to come.

On top of all of this I've been working my Mary Kay booty off, and LOVING every minute of it. 

I've had clever analogies and quips that I've wanted to share with you all, but was afraid to disappoint you with the fact that I hadn't uploaded pictures of those other things going on.  {BLOGGER'S GUILT}  It's not you, it's me.  I'll get past it.  I fully intent to catch you up.  One post at a time.


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