Saturday, June 5, 2010

Colorado in Pictures

 From the moment Christian saw snow on the Rockies, he wanted to play in it.  Thankfully we found an area on our hike to let him loose.

Jonathan graduated from army crawl to real crawling, and figured out how to pull himself up on furniture while in Colorado

Hiking with a hot man who found us some walking sticks

The Colorado Rockies

One of countless gorgeous views on our drive through Utah

Danny promised he would fly a kite with Christian, and he did it even if the wind didn't come to the party

Denver Skyline

Momma and her boys on Steam Train to Georgetown

Christian watching his DVD, after finishing his new book, and being a very good boy
My hot hubby and son #1 on our hike
"Look Cat!  Do you see the waterfalls?  Do you see the river?  That's cool."
Walking to get onto the Steam Train
Happy Johnny
This was the best pic I could get, and if you notice, Christian's hand is blurred as he is getting ready to do damage to his unsuspecting brother
The private movie theater that we had all to ourselves for an evening (complete with giant bean bag beds)
Candid of my Jon and me on the Steam Train (check the hair...Brazilian Blowout courtesy of Deanna Thornberry)
Johnny and mommy on our hike (which was laden with snow...not something we anticipated)
Georgetown Steam Train

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