Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Dallas, TX - Mary Kay Seminar 2010

Downtown Dallas

In July my mom was (as always) an amazing angel and came down just to watch the boys while Danny and I headed to Texas for a few days.  The annual Mary Kay Seminar is always held in downtown Dallas, and this year we were a-goin'!

I won't lie, saying good-bye to the kids was hard for me.  I fought the tears and put on my game face for Danny.
Waiting for luggage, oo la la

Once arriving at our hotel, things got easier.  We were able to hang out in a beautiful hotel (the Fairmont) and eat *free* hors d-oevres and breakfast every day together before I headed to the convention center.
Our lovely room on the highest floor

The *free* lounge that we had "dinner" and breakfast in every day

Danny had a sermon to work on, so outside of a little sight-seeing and working out, he worked primarily on his sermon while we were there.

Check out my hot man!

On top of learning A TON, getting a bunch of insider knowlege about the current and upcoming make-up trends, and getting to know some pretty fabulous people, I had a great time just being "Jolene".  I walked, had quality alone time, and really memorable and special time with Danny, which is something that we agreed we need to make more of a priority.  (And on a side-note, I only had one breakdown, missing my boys.)

On the last night before we left, the grand gala for the Seminar - Awards Night - had Danny and I dressed to the nines.  The night went long, but it certainly was a memorable and special evening; filled to the brim with inspiration, entertainment and electricity.

I'm definitely doing this again, except next year I want to go in a Pink Cadillac.


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