Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Oh Poop!

Several weeks ago the boys and I came home after a fun picnic at the park.  When we got home, I was getting Jon ready for nap, Christian ran by, wearing nothing but his fireman hat.  As I laid Jonathan in his crib, Christian announced that he had gone poop.  My reaction initially?  ::SIGH:: "What mess am I going to come in to find?!"  That was until I discovered that he had in fact "done the deed" on the potty.

The events that followed were a blend of Mardi Gras celebration and that of someone that lost her mind because she won the lotto.  I swear I hit the ceiling in my jumping/dancing.  I probably made ears bleed with my songs.  Christian got a kick out of the chaos / party.  He got a new car, a sundae with sprinkles, and praise galore.  You'd think that with such hoopla he would repeat such an action, but that was where it ended.

I figured Christian was ready to officially potty-train at this point.  I stayed home the remainder of the week and let him run around in his birthday suit.  #1 in the potty went great, though the carpet did need a shampoo or two.  #2, however, was another story entirely.  Let's just say that I've never quite experienced anything like potty-training, and never been closer to poop IN MY LIFE. 

We've made progress, and Christian wears "big boy undies" all the time now.  WOW, my little boy is growing oh-so-quickly.

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