Sunday, May 30, 2010

Missionary Conference 2010 - Palm Springs, CA

My husband is one of the pastors in the Missionary Church.  The Western District has their annual conferences in Palm Springs, and I've been joining him on these conferences since we moved to Nuevo.

I was slightly anxious about this trip, as it was the first of our planned summer trips with both kids, and knowing that we would all be sleeping in the same room was going to be slightly challenging.  We asked to have a crib in the room, brought Christian's tent, and hoped for the best.

Before I tell you how the sleep part went, let me ask you this:  How do YOU get comfortable in a hotel room?  My two-year-old showed me the secret:

After sufficiently breaking in the bed, he went outside to check out our view:

(He had to wear my shoes to keep his feet cool....or so I am supposing.)  If you are curious, this was our view:

While at the resort (once owned by Lucy and Desi Arnaz), we swam, slept and shopped, while Danny attending various meetings.  Sleeping went surprisingly well.  Jonathan slept like a champ in his crib, which conveniently fit into the closet (it wasn't an airtight closet, so don't you worry).  Christian tested me quite a bit the first night.  I think I might have been pushed so far that I threatened a spank or something of the sort (hey, a tired momma might say anything for a little sleep), and his tent fell silent.  He then said in a stern voice to his moo cow, "Moo cow, you had better go to sleep or you're gonna get a spank!"  ::SIGH::  Thankfully the following nights got better.

On the way home we stopped at the Discovery Museum in Palm Desert where Christian was able to run around, play and play some more.  Jonathan started his transition from an army crawl to a real crawl on this trip.

All in all, it was an absolutely lovely time and we were so blessed to have had it.  We then had 24 hours to do laundry, re-pack, and prepare for our road trip to Colorado (in the middle of that 24 hours we had dinner with our Hekman's).  Crazy but fun times!

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