Thursday, September 9, 2010

Product Review

I haven't done a product review in a while...partly because there haven't been any household products that have "done it" for me.  And then I met this little fella:

Back story: When we went to Colorado we had a certain baby that woke up in the middle of every night soaked through his jammies.  After a few days in a small room, those pjs didn't smell any fresher, and we had great need to do laundry.  Instead of buying detergent, softener and softener sheets, we found the 3-in-1 sheets and figured we had nothing to lose.

You might be thinking "how hard is it to pour and measure the detergent, etc.?"  It isn't hard, but when you have two kids trying to get into the washing machine, throw the clothes around, and whine at you, saving a few steps is a blessing from above.

I LOVE this product.  The sheet goes straight into the washer, and stays with the clothes until after they are dry.  Danny LOVES the scent, and the fact that they get his workout clothes fresh and clean.

I just wish these wonderful little sheets were around when I was toting my big detergent / fabric softener bottles around when I was using laundromats for 10 years!

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