Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Favorite Diet Bites

So, basically, I am IN LOVE with Weight Watchers.  There are many reasons why, but the biggest reason is that it actually has worked for me. 

I naturally tend to deprive myself when wanting to lose weight.  I know all the studies about why that doesn't work, but to me the feeling of "hungry" is equated to the feeling of "skinny".  As I was at my wits end and needed to do something to get myself healthy (while still nursing my youngest son), I also knew I couldn't crash diet.  Depriving myself of food wasn't an option if I wanted to continue to breastfeed, as milk supply is effected severely.

There are lots of recipes I'd love to share.  I am finding that healthy living just feels SO GOOD after I've been down the road paved with butter, steak and brownies for so long.  I am also at nearly 30lbs down.  That helps me feel pretty darn good too.  ;-)

Let me share with you a few of my favorite low point / free foods:

Baby carrots.  I pack them into little ziplocks and bring them with me whenever I go out.  I like to mindlessly munch sometimes, and it is nice to have something close at hand to do that munching without guilt.

Red apples.  This was inspired in Dallas.  The hotel we stayed at kept bowls of beautiful, crisp, red apples next to the elevators, and I would grab one "for the road" on my way to the Mary Kay Seminar.  Having a healthy, sweet and satisfying readily at hand helps keep me on track.  They can also be cut, sprinkled with cinnamon, and enjoyed with a little whipped cream as a dessert.
Cool Whip Free.  Really, I could eat an entire tub in one sitting.  I add it to everything I can: pudding, jello, ice cream, Cooking Light brownies....the list is never-ending!  I especially like it on sugar-free jello though, as I can have a delicious snack that satisfies my sweet tooth without the guilt.

As I mentioned, I'd love to share some recipes with you.  I must take pictures though, as these dishes are pretty and very healthy.  I have to just slow myself down to take said pictures...once I'm done cooking them I don't want to waste any time diving right in!  


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