Saturday, September 4, 2010

Time with the Meyer's

I was fortunate enough to have my mom watch the boys while we were in Dallas for my Mary Kay Seminar.  When we came back, we had a few days to enjoy having her around before she had to head back home.  With my brother stationed in 29 Palms, he was local enough to come and visit a bit as well.  We LOVED having him visit, and loved even more his "friend", Jenny.

We went to lunch at my favorite Temecula restaurant before Jenny and Jake went on a road trip to Texas. 

Jonathan showed off his snaggle tooth (the first tooth to break through was a top tooth).

Christian thoroughly enjoyed his Uncle Jake and all Uncle Jake's antics (like climbing on our roof to get down toys).

Johnny crawled in the grass outside while I tried my darnedest to catch his snaggle tooth grin.  He is so fast that he kept catching me, but at one point got distracted with a leaf.

Christian was doing 'ok' with his potty training at this point (the end of July), but made a breakthrough in the #2 department went taking 'Nana to the potty at the restaurant.  After that he did much better at home too.

Danny was preaching and had other church business to attend to, so we got a little fun time in when arriving home.

Jonathan loves his daddy!

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