Saturday, September 4, 2010

Introducing: The One, The Only....RAINBOW!

Yes indeedy, I have the slightest of "clean freakiness" in my system.  I steam clean food from my baby's high chair, LOVE freshly painted walls because they are cleaner to me, and feel a great feeling of satisfaction when everything has a place and everything is in its place.  There was one problem though, I had a vacuum that just wasn't up to par.

Let me explain.  A few years ago we saw a "Rainbow" demonstration in our home.  At the time we had just moved into our house and weren't in the position to purchase one (though we really should have found a way).  Every time I vacuumed / cleaned subsequently, I remembered the demonstration and cringed.  I wanted that Rainbow so very bad.

Fast forward 3 years and set your sights on my thoughtful husband.  He wanted to have our tile cleaned for my birthday in July, and a friend (who is also a "Rainbow" dealer) couldn't stomach the cost (neither could I).  Instead, as a gift to us, he let us use a 'Rainbow' for a week.  I was freakish about using it on EVERYTHING, and when the week was up I nearly cried when having to give it back (there was still SO MUCH MORE I needed to clean!).

My amazing hubby decided that we needed that machine.  It really makes fiscal sense to have one, and since we didn't have the money, he took another route: he would learn / do 20 demonstrations and then sell one to get ours for "free".

Let me tell you something, this has been a very uncomfortable and difficult task for my pastor hubby.  He HATES asking for favors and he had to do a lot of that to hit the '20' mark.  Quite a few of YOU were so kind as to allow him to come and show you this amazing machine, and I cannot thank YOU enough!  He has now hit the mark and just has to sell one more machine to finish his obligation.

Yes, my husband is quite an amazing man, I know.  The only thing that compares to his amazingness is the Rainbow.  I know, I sound freakish, but it is true.  It is an addicting machine as you watch the filth that was not just in your carpet but UNDER the carpet pad come out.  It is amazing to actually look through a room filled with sun rays and NOT see dust flying around (and have your son try to catch it).

I am thoroughly in love - with my Rainbow, and especially with the man who made it possible for me to have one.

P.S. - If you'd like more information about the amazing Rainbow, feel free to check out their website here.  Make sure you mention "Dan Flores".  ;-)

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