Sunday, October 31, 2010

Baking Substitutions and Leftovers

We are trying to live on an extremely conservative budget (will post about this soon).  With that said, I am finding myself needing to make more and more substitutions for staples and/or ingredients that I just don't have on hand.  A few substitutions I've made this weekend:

Eggs - I was making my cinnamon rolls late Friday night for the young men's Bible Study Saturday morning.  I was out of eggs, but didn't realize it until too late.  I used milk as a substitution.  Yep, it worked!

Bread Flour - You *can* use all-purpose flour.  I still prefer to use bread flour for agents that need optimal rise (aka Cinnamon Rolls, bread, etc.).  I added gluten flour to my all-purpose to help things along, which seemed to help (it just took a bit longer).

Heavy Cream - I needed to use up egg yolks that I had leftover from one of the cakes I made, and decided to make a mousse.  Recipe called for heavy cream.  I had evaporated milk in the fridge.  With some major chilling action (put the evaporated milk in a metal bowl with beaters into the freezer until ice crystals form on the outer ring of the milk, then take out and WHIP like you would cream and will get the same volume!) it worked just fine.

Now what to do with those leftovers...

Leftover Egg Yolks  - I read that you can freeze them if not using them right away.  From past experience they can be made into a yummy dessert (and who doesn't want a yummy dessert just waiting for them in the fridge?), like creme brulee, chocolate mousse or even a souffle. 

Leftover Evaporated Milk - Can be used in place of cream in recipes (and if you use the non-fat version, you greatly cut fat in said recipes).  I also use it in place of milk to add a creamier texture.

Leftover corn bread - By crumbling corn bread into a bowl and adding salt, pepper, one egg, diced onion and celery, a yummy stuffing for a whole chicken is easy peasy.  Great flavor and texture.

I hope that you glean something from these new-found tips! 


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