Sunday, October 31, 2010

Fun Friday - Park Day

This week I had a few baking projects that had to be addressed, so instead of crafting we had a park day. 

Mommy loves her Jonny
The 10 seconds both boys were in one place.  They went opposite directions the entire time.

One of Christian's favorite parts of the park.  I HATE it.  It is 10 feet high and I swear a new gray hair appears on my head every single time he climbs it.

He just loves it though.  And I love him.  So here we are.

Jonathan had a music lesson.
Christian on the obstacle course. He particularly liked the blond, pretty mommy helping the boy in front of him.  When I went to help him cross, he told me "No thank you momma.  I want the pretty lady to help me."  Oh boy.

And finally, a video of Jonathan's first time by himself on a slide.  He climbed up all by himself and backed down.  He is much more of a risk taker than Christian (though Christian is trying to catch up now).  'Twas certainly a wonderful day.

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