Sunday, October 10, 2010


For the months of October and November, I am teaching a class at our church for young women who are interested in learning more about finding their identity in Christ.  We are covering topics that are relevant to every girl.  This week we are covering "True Beauty vs. Vanity" and will then move on to cooking classes, baking classes, finance classes, relationships & dating, etc.

I cannot begin to tell you how special this class is to me.  I have deeply desired for years that I might have the opportunity to share my story with young women and perhaps help them in one small way to make better decisions with this fabulous life that they've been given.  I've been praying diligently for this opportunity, and am now in the midst of it.  I am thrilled!

This past week we covered "Identity in Christ" and my challenge to the ladies was this: to spend time alone with God.  Think about this for a moment.  What people have most influenced your life?  Why?  They have influenced your life because you've been emotionally, physically and mentally invested in them.  ("You are who your friends are.")  My charge was to be equally invested in God.  After all, if we all looked a little more like God, how could the world be worse off?

I will be posting about the week's topic so that anyone who might miss the class can get somewhat caught up.  Hopefully these postings will also bless you as well.


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