Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Christian Update - 3 years, 2 months old

  • Christian is currently obsessed with bugs; spiders more specifically.  We read through an Insect Encyclopedia (a college textbook of Danny's) every night before bed.  You would think this a bad idea, but he LOVES it, really.
  • His language surprises us every day.  He knows his ABC's in English and Spanish, counts to 20, and counts backward from 10.  When he sees an American flag (he calls it "Camerican), he says the Pledge of Allegiance.  He just learned his months and knows that Christmas is in December, Ethan and Andrew's birthdays are in November, and Halloween in October.  On Sunday he surprised us by singing "Jesus loves me" for the first time which later became "Jesus loves daddy". <3
  • Christian is certainly his father's son.  He builds cities with his big blocks and then parks cars around them.  He has to have all of his cars facing the same direction when he has a "car party".  OCD, anyone?
  • He learns best by having everything in order.  For example, at bedtime his books have to be in the same place, his "buddies" (moo-cow, cat in the hat, etc.) ready with the blanket turned down, and his Cars chair ready for story time.  If something is out of place, it distracts him far too much to move forward until it is fixed.  
  • We are still doing preschool time every day after nap, and I'm seeing improvements.  He can trace letters and is grasping concepts that I really didn't think he would grasp yet.  He is too smart.
  • Finally, he has started to get more lovey dovey.  He comes and cuddles with us in the morning.  This evening, he put his arm around my neck and said, "Momma, I love you dery, dery much." and then grabbed my face with both hands and kissed me.  He gives us bear hugs at bedtime, saying that he is going to squeeze the life out of us.  After he hugs us, he smacks our chest and says "Here.  You can have your life back now."  How could I not be completely smitten by this character?!


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