Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Jonathan Update - 12 1/2 months

  • My darling littlest boy just learned how to clap.  He laughs up a storm when he does it.  It warms my heart.
  • He isn't quite walking yet, but is certainly close.  He has taken a step, but gets around so well crawling that he just defaults to it.  I suspect he will be walking in a matter of weeks now.
  • He says "more" to eat.  He squeals "Dada!" when Danny comes into the room.  He gets a huge kick out of Christian and they often break into belly laughs when playing together (though they don't do it alone too often....that leads to TROUBLE).
  • I swear Jonathan has a 6th sense that tells him the things that are off limits in every location he visits, as those are the things he is into in a heartbeat. 
  • It is so fun to see the way he learns.  He enjoys putting items into other things (like lids into bowls, spoons into cups, etc.).  He works at things until he makes them work for him.
  • He has a mischievious side to him.  He was determined to get by me one day, and acted like he was playing with something until I let my guard down, then with a big grin he tried to speed by me like lightening.  This boy is going to keep me on my toes!
  • Last but not least, he is most definitely a momma's boy.  I don't mind one bit....except during witching hour (which lasts from 3pm until bedtime) while I prepare dinner.  He chases me around the kitchen and cries for me to pick him up.  I know I'll miss this crazy time of the day when he is a big teenage boy that doesn't want anything to do with me.  I suppose I need to just let the pots boil over, the bread in the oven get a little too brown, and the food be done a little late. I sure do love my littlest boy.  :)


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