Saturday, October 16, 2010

Fun Friday - Soapmaking

As I showed previously, I have enlisted the help of a monthly and weekly plan to help me get organized.  After all, with Danny's daily variance in schedule (pastor's don't generally have 9-5 M-F jobs), my desire to balance Mary Kay, homeschool preschool for Christian, working out and tracking points, along with household accounting, cleaning, and general caretaking, I was getting frazzled to say the least.

I decided to schedule certain days as "friend days" so that we have one or two days a week we have a playdate with a friend of Christian's for a friend of mommy's.  :-)  I have now updated the Friday schedule to be "Fun Fridays".    That means that we will do a craft or go on an outing every Friday.  :-)  I can only think that this will be good for all of us.

This week I dug out some soapmaking supplies my mom (aka 'Tana Nana") had given us a while back.  I figured Christian was the age that he would enjoy an activity like this, and he actually did!

Preparation = A creative mess.
What you need:  Glycerin soap, soap dye, soap fragrance (we used vanilla) and molds.  We also had little froggies to add to a few bars of the soap (which is what Christian enjoyed the most).

My helper stirring in the fragrance
 After heating up the soap, stir well to make sure it is smooth.  It is warm, but not boiling hot, so I felt comfortable in allowing Christian to help me stir.

Next you stir in the fragrance and dye.  We did this in batches so that we could layer a few colors.

Cooling time = Time for a snack and book

 After pouring everything into the molds, and inserting the little frogs into the soap, it was time to allow everything to cool.  It took about 45 minute total to cool, just enough time for us to clean up, have a snack and read a bit.

Pretty bars, don't you think?
 Once cool, pop out the soap.  I loved the ease of this activity with a 3-year-old, and the final product is actually gift-worthy.  

The final product
Speaking of gift worthy, Christian already decided who would get what bar of soap (after choosing a bar for himself).

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