Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Fun Fridays - Happy Halloween

This past Friday we made a Halloween banner for Fun Friday.

Getting ready to cut felt.  The smile is mischievous....he simply cannot wait to use scissors.

Folding the felt pieces in half, I used a crayon to draw on a triangle.  (I cut them out....though I let Christian use kid scissors to cut on scraps.)

Glow in the dark paint, ribbon, felt and hot glue (not shown) were all we needed for this project.

We painted the letters together.  This was a great way to talk about letters and their sounds.

Final product.  (I may use the paint to go over the letters again.) 

This was a great project for my 3-year-old.  We talked about shapes (triangles) and oth3er things that are the same shape.  We talked about the letters we were painting and their sounds.  He was SO excited when we hung up the finished product in his room. 

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