Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Not a Typical Tuesday

::YAWN:: "I really should have gotten to bed before 1am." I thought as toddler greets me at a time I can't register in my sleepy brain.  I swing my feet off the bed and though they land seemingly in slow-motion, in reality they hit the ground running.  With one kid on hip, the other holding my hand, I stumble to the kitchen to a cup of coffee and get out the cinnamon rolls out that I had prepared the day before.  Forty five minutes later, the smell of deliciousness fills the air as I pull out said cinnamon rolls "Hot Now", frost them, and set them out for our house guests.  I sneak a bite with my coffee and savor the moment.  Next was time to clean up, make beds and get kids dressed before sending off our guests with a hug and a tear.

I simultaneously put one-year-old down for nap, kiss hubby sending him to work, and trade out momma hat for teacher hat.  Preschool lasts until lunchtime.  My head races with the to-do list looming. 

After lunch, I tuck in my sweet three-year-old for his nap.  "Get on it, wedding planner!" I give myself a pep talk and then prepare for the evening of wedding festivities.  I head out to my garden to cut flowers for bouquets, boutonnieres and church decor with a baby on hip and start brainstorming decor.  One year old is put into bed to take his nap, though he decided to boycott it today.

Realizing time waits for no one, and that we would get home AT dinner time, I donned an imaginary cook's vector as I threw together a chili like I've never done before.  "Jolene, your man has to eat!  Ground sirloin?  Check.  Kidney and black beans?  Check.  Onions, garlic, tomatoes, spices and I-don't-know-what-else? Check.  Crockpot on.  Now GO WOMAN, GO!"  I sprint down the hall to my bedroom.

Emergency kit put together, wedding decorations assembled, camera readied and packed.  Now for ME.  "Ok girl, you've still got an hour, you can do this!"  (Pep talks are what I DO.)

Arriving in my bathroom, I find Danny's wrinkled suit jacket awaiting my attention.  SHOOT!  "How do I get these wrinkles out without ruining this 'dry-clean only' coat?!"  After trying the iron (briefly), a bathroom with hot water steaming to no avail, I figured out the steam setting on the iron.  WHEW...it worked!

"Ok momma, you've got 20 minutes left.  Ignore Jonathan's protests and get your shower on!"  I rush around and get ready in a heartbeat.  Hubby comes home in time to take us all with him to the church.

At the church, I don't stop running.  I coordinate everyone for the wedding (no easy feat when the bride is MIA for a while and the groom doesn't show up until 10 minutes before the ceremony is to begin!), take THE wedding pictures, assemble flowers for church decor and decorate the sanctuary.

"I love that man" I say to myself as I watch my hubby marry the couple that had only come to ask for his services 10 days earlier.  Shaking off the sentimentality, I run around taking pictures from every conceivable angle.  (BTW, wedding photographers are hard workers....they deserve every single penny you pay them!)

After ceremony I ring the wedding bells, take pictures, take down decor and jump into the car that is quickly moving away from the church with 2 crazy kids in it.  We arrive home for a chili dinner that Danny raves about.  "Ok, you are almost to the finish line!  Kids need dinner."  I pull something out for them to eat, clean up and put things away, 'Yo Gabba Gabba' a momentary break and then get kids to bed.

Reflecting on the day, I realize that I am exactly where God wants me to be.  I used every bit of my creative stores and experience today.  It was exhausting, exhilarating and wonderful.  I LOVE my job(s).


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