Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

 Halloween fell on a Sunday this year.  So, as normal, we went to church.  (BTW, Danny wore a bow tie for Reformation Day and reminded me as to why I call him "hot hubby".)  I digress.  After church we used a gift card to go out to eat...something we haven't done in months.  The kids took fabulous naps when we got home and I baked vegan cupcakes (I didn't have eggs in the house) and prepped our pumpkins for operation.

Our family of pumpkins.  Left to right - Christian, Danny, Jolene and Jonathan

I was the ghost of decades past, Christian was a dinosaur

Monsters or Monkeys?

Love Jonathan's face here

My cutie pie boys
Christian was quite liberal with his "ROARs"

After a few family members came over, we went trick-or-treating in our very "happening" neighborhood.  There were fun houses, scary houses, and even haunted houses.  At the first house Christian YELLED "TRICK OR TREAT", and then whispered at the rest of the houses.
Once home we again gave out nearly 20 pounds of candy and toys to trick-or-treaters before calling it a night and tucking in our dinosaur boy.  SUCH a fun night!


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