Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Melissa & Doug

 Melissa & Doug, I <3 you, even though we've never met.  You've given us such fun puzzles, games and the like.  You've taught my banshee boy #1 what bugs look like (in a cute, cartoonish fashion), how to open various locks, and, should he use his new-found skill in a way he should not, you have taught him what the uniform of the policeman that carts him to jail will look like (so he doesn't confuse said policeman with a superhero.) ;-)
Our lovely plethora of Melissa & Doug puzzles
Really though, I just adore their products.  The quality, ease of use, cognitive stimulation and durability of their products is how my heart was won over.  After all, we do have other wooden puzzles and the like, but none compare, as my boys destroy everything that isn't top notch.

Even these cardboard blocks (Christian is building with them in the background) have me smitten.

 But my favorite, the pièce de résistance is this little baby:

"My Magnetic Responsibility Chart"
The chart has several options for the responsibility section.  We put the magnets on at bedtime, and if he fills it up with magnets he is rewarded (and the threat of "you won't get any magnets" actually works!).  It is a win/win for us all.  ('Tana Nana, THANK YOU for this baby!)

If you are unsure as to what toys to get a little one, these are a great investment.  (And no, I have received nothing for this plug, I just want to spread the love.)  Check out their website here.

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