Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Preparation for Thanksgiving

Is there such thing as "TOO MANY To-Do Lists?!"

As you know, I've been preparing for Thanksgiving all month with Christian.  It has been such a blessing to take part in this exercise, as it has helped me to also put things into perspective (though lately, I've been more thankful than I can express). 

With the financial inability to celebrate Thanksgiving with my parents this year (as is normally our tradition), we decided to host the dinner for Danny's family and of course my brother, Jake.

I've been looking for ways to celebrate with the best dinner yet, and at the same time be resourceful.  And so, as goes my life as of late, I had to plan.  I've been planning all month...scouring recipes...purchasing items on sale....and finally planning my Thanksgiving week.

As Monday is our Sabbath, I began my preparation Tuesday and have been going non-stop since.  I am finding that as I prepare physically for the day (make pie-crust, clean bathrooms, not in that order or together...but you get the point) I am all the more thankful.  The work for the day is actually breeding a heart of thanksgiving.  Go figure!

I truly look forward to hosting my brother Jake in our home.  In the past few years his has been a life of mini ups and severe downs (my mom said that if he didn't have bad luck, he wouldn't have any luck at all).  Hosting family and friends brings joy to my heart that has surprised even me.

It is now very late on Wednesday evening.  My adoring and handsome hubby is Rainbowing the floors as I type this in bed.  Preparation is complete.  The day is almost here.  I cannot wait to join together with family in a common heart of thankfulness.

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