Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Thanksgiving Tree

 With Halloween behind us and Thanksgiving ahead, I really wanted to do something to instill a sense of thanksgiving within our home, but desired to especially teach my 3-year-old, Christian, about it.  And then came an idea to make a Thanksgiving tree...

All that I needed was my wimpy glue gun, a paper towel roll, an old candle jar, shish kabob skewers and old yarn.

The tree ready to be filled with leaves.

I know that putting leaves ON the tree is counter natural in Autumn, but really, we live in California.  There are few "natural" things here.

The first person added to the tree....Christian's Aunt Dee.
 Christian picks out the things that we are thankful for, and we focus on our thankfulness all day.  The first day was "food", so we were sure to pray often and thank God often for the food that we have.  (We will also revisit this when we give to someone in need later this month.)

(He actually said that he was thankful for "Micky Mouse waffles")

We are going to visit, call, and/or make cards for the people Christian is thankful for. 
As we go through the day, I am finding that this exercise reminds me to be thankful as well.  We will update you as the tree progresses, and some of you might even be on that tree! 

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