Saturday, November 13, 2010

Thomas the Train

This weekend we had plans to celebrate Christian's special friend, Andrew's, birthday with him by going on his favorite train of all time: Thomas the Train.  It just happened that Thomas was going to be in our town near Andrew's birthday, so it all worked out just perfectly.

Hi Thomas!

UNFORTUNATELY, Andrew became ill with an ear infection the day before we were planning to celebrate him (as Christian says, "Andrew is sick in his ears.").  Christian was so disappointed.  However, Andrew's daddy brought us the tickets so that we could invite a different friend and get use out of the tickets.

And so...Christian brought his friend from down the street, Joshua.  Joshua got a kick out of everything.  Christian actually screamed banshee-style with excitement.

Christian loved the window...he hogged it big time
We actually got to ride on Thomas the Train for a 25 minute ride.  The boys enjoyed sitting in their own seat and checking out the sights.

This is Joshua and his mommy, Kristen.

When trying to get a pic with my boys, I find it nearly impossible to get us all smiling.  Ah well, such is life.

There was SO MUCH to see and do after we got off the train.  This all happened to take place at a local Railroad Museum, and though it would have been fun to check out all that the museum held to do, it was near lunchtime which meant it was also countdown to meltdown for Christian.

Happy Jonathan was such a good boy in his stroller

After we saw the sights briefly and the boys jumped in a bouncer, we headed home to have lunch and catch naps.  Even I took a nap today!  Thank you Steve and Becca for making this day possible, and we are praying for Andrew's recovery and rest for you all. 


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