Saturday, November 27, 2010

A Visit with Grandma

Earlier this month Christian was thankful for his Grandma Debbie (my handsome hubby's mom).  Since she lives near us, we wanted to visit her (and her animals) as part of our expression of thankfulness.  Once the weather and schedules cooperated, we headed over.

Christian and Grandma Debbie talking with the horses

The boys had a great time running around and checking out the animals.  Christian tried to feed the chickens, but they weren't hungry and were just anti social, so he decided to climb the stalls.

Christian trying to get away from me.  He wanted to stay indefinitely with Grandma Debbie and her animals


Jonathan looking for trouble

Jonathan enjoyed an opportunity to practice his walking skills.  It was all fun and games until he dropped to all fours and grabbed a fresh chicken poo.  It was an oozie mess.  Debbie was even grossed out.  I just laughed...of COURSE Jonathan would find a mess to get into.  (If you have kids, ALWAYS keep a change of clothes with you.  You never know when your little one will grab a fresh chicken nugget....if you catch my drift.)

Grandma keeping Jonathan out of trouble
The dogs.  Yup, that is a St. Bernard on the left.  Christian said "The dogs are too big.  I could ride them."

By the end of our visit, both boys were equally upset that we were leaving, and Grandma was radiating with joy.  Thankfulness is a great thing to practice.

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