Monday, December 27, 2010

Merry Christmas!

On the night before Christmas, it was quiet as a mouse, except for the wrapping and pounding throughout the house.  The stockings were filled, by the chimney, quite clear, as St. Nick came just after the children fell asleep, the poor tired dears.

Momma in her new pj's and daddy dressed in blue, finally finished all that was left to do.  At 3 in the morning, they laid down in their beds, and allowed the visions of sugar plums to dance briefly in their heads. 

When what to their sleepy eyes should appear, but a 3 year old boy, waking before the sun with great cheer.  Though they tried to wait just a few minutes more, they knew no longer would they be able to snore. 

The boy, 3 years old, thrilled to see that St. Nick came, had to wake up his brother, and called him by name.  "Hey Jonny, wake up, Santa came here last night!  Get up, get up, it is time to open stockings, alright?!

 The sun arose brightly at half past six, as the children joyously laughed, and daddy took pics.  Momma reached for coffee and cinnamon rolls she began bakin', and the happiness in the house could not be mistaken.

 After gifts all cleaned up and put away then, the oven turned on and the turkey put in.  Mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, homemade rolls and more, a glazed ham to top it all off in store.

 Grandpa and Grandma and Uncle all came to celebrate the birth of a savior by name.  It was Christmas in the Flores home and a gift, the time all together, and grateful hearts given a lift.

A new bike for older brother, and hand me downs for the other, smiles and adventures in store for their tired mother.

As blessings are prayed for our loved ones, large and small, may your day be just as sweet, and a Merry Christmas to all!


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