Tuesday, December 28, 2010

What to Do with the Cards?

Now that Christmas Day has come and gone, the word to return to normalcy begins.  

We received quite a few Christmas cards, and loved each and every one.  The little trek across the street to the mailbox is done with a skip and a song when cards await us.  We display them all, and treasure the pictures and letters that sometimes are contained in them.  But, what to do with them once Christmas is over?

Grab a pair of scissors.  Cut the card in half, and toss the part written on.  Keep the pretty picture.  If it is a family picture card (one of my favs), cut out the picture(s) of the family and toss the rest.

What do you do with the parts you keep at the end of all this?  If you are trying to save money next year, make your own Christmas cards by gluing the old card faces to a new card stock.  This year I used the pretty card faces to write thank you notes on, and put them in the leftover envelopes I had from cards this year.  You could also make pretty tags for gifts next year.  The ideas are endless!

With the family photos I put them on my fridge last year.  This year I don't have room on my fridge, so I put them on my bulletin board in my laundry room.  It makes folding laundry more enjoyable, and reminds me to pray for those near and dear to my heart.

Sidenote: I save the pictures of church members for hubby's desk at work.  :)


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