Monday, December 6, 2010

Winter Wonderland - Montana 2010

Mommy loves her boys
Two days before Thanksgiving my mom called me up with a proposition for me.  She had great need to see her grandbabies, and so she needed Danny and me to bring up the kids to Montana for a visit. ::wink wink::  The day before Thanksgiving I was at the Hall of Records picking up Jonathan's birth certificate for the trip.  And December 1st, we were flying out of LAX to a Winter Wonderland.

Christian has a great arm.  He can hit his momma and brother with a lump of snow faster than you can say "snowball"
First we went to the Lincoln cabin (aka "Christmas Cabin") for to bid it adieu.  My parents have it on the market, as they just closed escrow on yet another "vacation home".

We then headed to my parents' full-time home in Cascade.  At the first chance we headed out to the snow to play a bit.  Jonathan was frustrated with trying to walk in his snow boots, but really wanted to play (oh the conflict!).  Christian went to town throwing snowballs.  That kid has an ARM!

My handsome hubby at the Stroll
 On Friday we headed to Great Falls for their annual Christmas Stroll.  Basically, the main street in downtown Great Falls is closed, the businesses all open, and a parade takes place while visitors bundle up and shop, drink hot cocoa, and get in the holiday spirit.  At the end of the parade St. Nicholas lights up the Christmas tree in front of City Hall.

A familiar sight while visiting: Nana lovin' on her grandson #1
 Christian loved the live music being played when we stopped in to an indoor mall.  He told us he wants to play the tuba.

The Meyer's and Flores' strolling in the cold
Christian learned how to see his breath, so we all practiced it a time or two at the Stroll.  BTW, pushing an umbrella stroller on ice is no easy task.

Papa's boy, Jonathan
 On Saturday I had to kiss my hubby good-bye as I fought back tears when he had to return to California.  He had a sermon to preach.  The return flight alone with my little ones should be very interesting.

Because a trip to Montana isn't complete without a dance in your skivvies with skin's on your head.  PETA and mom-in-law, just pretend the fox skin hat is faux.
We are still making memories and messes, and will have many more pictures and stories to share.  Ciao for now, from God's country!


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