Saturday, December 4, 2010

Tempting Fate

Have you ever heard the saying, "Whatever can go wrong will."?  I generally am the ever-optimist and more like to "Make lemons with lemonade" and remember that "Whenever a door is closed, there will be window to climb through."  So, when I found out two months into November that our health insurance had been cancelled due to circumstances that we are still trying to correct, my heart skipped an optimist beat and began to panic like a deer in a hunter's sites the first day of deer season (forgive me...I'm in Montana at the moment).

Thankfully, we made it through the month without any need to rush away to the ER (my biggest fear with my 3 and 1 year old boys).  And then came November 30th...the last day of the month...

In the morning my beautiful little sunshine boy, Jonathan, was fighting me as he always does when I change his diaper, put on his clothes, etc.  I wrestled with him, quite literally, and sang morning songs trying to keep a happy attitude.  I didn't notice that his 3 year old brother had grabbed the baby tylenol and teething tablets on his dresser while I was doing this.  It was only AFTER I had finished the task that Christian told me that he rather enjoyed the teething tablets (ALL OF THEM) but couldn't get the lid off the tylenol.  WHAT?!  Thankfully, my ever wonderful "sister", Jessica, had already called poison control for the same scenario and I knew that Christian would be okay (after a good ol' fashioned scolding from mom).

The day was rather uneventful after that.  I was preparing for a trip to Montana the following day, so cleaning, baking, etc.  When it came time for dinner, I was talking with my boys and cutting an onion when somehow my ring finger slide under the blade of the knife.  WHOOPS.  I knew it was bad when the blood splattered all over the kitchen.  I should have had stitches, but called my mom (aka private nurse) to walk me through what to do next.

After I super glued my wound, I made dinner and put the kids to bed.  Hubby came home and brought me Mint M&M's to make me feel better.  After four days it has begun to look much better, though it is still quite sore.

December 1st we had a temporary health care plan until we get figured out what is necessary.  I'm not taking any more chances.


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