Saturday, February 26, 2011

Hunt for Eucharisteo

Leaning over crib ledge, hand on babe, sleepless pain through veins.  Sleep eludes me yet again.  As I slip into the kitchen, the serenade of window chimes dances through the window to fill the quieted kitchen with music as my hands find warmth in welcome coffee.  I pause.  His presence is known, even though my back is to him.  He envelopes me with his strong arms, I close my eyes and become lost in his scent.

Makeshift fort, sheets resting on kitchen table.  Knee-high boys giggling while I stir a treat for unsuspecting husband.  I choke on a lump as I see him off, after a long week and before a long weekend.  Clouds loom.  I feel the sky.

Sweet boys giggle destruction.  Explosion of toys are cleared away at nearly every step.

Dinner is prepared, boys watch biscuits rise miraculously through oven window.

Three-year-old offers comfort, "While daddy is gone, don't worry mommy, I'll take care of you."  Hands held.  Tuck-in giggles and snuggle time.  Eskimo kisses, mommy kisses, butterfly kisses.

Lullaby of rain slipping down the window pane.  Finding hopeful sleep.


Jessica said...
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The Allen Family said...
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