Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Postpartum BLUE (Walls)

After living in apartments for close to 10 years, the first thing I wanted to do when we moved into our home was PAINT walls.  I was also postpartum, having given birth only weeks prior to our move.  

Don't do this.

I painted the walls a medium, flat blue.  I painted the baseboards brown.  It took me two days, with a screaming baby.  I don't know if it was the hormones or the lack of sleep, but I thought the walls looked good.
Previous look: darker blue walls (trust me, they were darker, and a 'Bleh Blue'), brown baseboards, 3" TV, Geometric bedding (which I do still like), fireplace grate as wall art
And then I got sleep. 

I couldn't stand the color of blue nor the baseboards for the last 3 years.  Last week I finally got around to improving upon them.

(This is a close up after walls and baseboards were done.) 
First I began with the baseboards.  FOUR coats of white.

I then painted the walls...they only took two coats, and hubby helped me.  Late.Into.The.Night.

Thanks to a big screen television donation to us by a church member, we put our old television in the guest room.  Finally, our guests don't need binoculars to watch the morning news!

And because one project just begs another...

I switched out the old bedspread for a newer old bedspread (was on our bed previously) of more neutral tones and satiny texture.  (This translates into a more luxurious feel for our guests.)

We then bought a new light fixture at Home Depot for $25.  Of course after hubby installed it, we found need to paint the bathroom as well.  (Used a neutral beige leftover from other project.)

Light off
Light on

We added leftover hardware from our kitchen remodel to the cabinets. (FREE)

 I had also picked up moulding for 50 cents each ($2 total) at that Repurposing Home Store I had visited.  I figured that if I made a mess of the cuts, no big loss.  I grabbed a hand saw and attempted the 45 degree angle cuts.  Success!  We applied the moulding to our mirror for a more refined look to an outdated mirror.

 And so, I've finally righted the postpartum blue.  Lesson learned: don't give a postpartum, bleary-eyed new momma a paint brush.  Consider yourself warned.


Jessica said...

I honestly thought your guest bedroom looked fabulous before, no lie :)

I think your updated look is wonderful as well, and it seems relaxing to me :) I can't wait to take a peek in person. Good job!!!

Jessica said...

Oh and p.s.... way to go on cutting angles! I've never even attempted that :)

Rhonda said...

Looks GREAT.
And honestly, that blue was not bad. I actually like it, but brown baseboards? What were you thinking?
And I love the moulding on the mirror. Great idea and great job. Mitering moulding is not an easy task if you've never done it before, but I'd expect no less from you - who grew up with a wood shop in your garage :)

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