Friday, March 11, 2011

Repurposed Wall Art

Spring is quickly approaching.  As it whispers its presence in the warm days, blue skies and budding flowers, I have found that the Spring cleaning bug is buzzing around the house.

The first project tackled was a refreshing and sprucing up of our guest room.  I will explain more in a separate post, but wanted to share my most current art project.

I began by going to a Repurpose store that contained primarily household fixtures and the like.  I picked up two cabinet doors for $3 each.  They were both painted white and I figured that I couldn't get two pieces of wood with a beveled edge for less than that at a home improvement store.
Once home, I sanded them, just to rough them up.  I just wanted to give the paint something to hold onto.  I then taped the edges with painters tape, and grabbed my laptop for my inspiration pictures.

My inspiration - Courtesy of Crate and Barrel
I wanted something that was calming for our guests to look at, so the color palette used on this series was perfect.  I used these pictures as a jumping off point for my actual work.

My work station.  I used leftover acrylic and multi-purpose paints.

I painted both cabinet faces with a pale, gray blue paint, to get a little texture started.  It wasn't an exact science, but got the work surface ready to work.

Lots of brushes and lots of mixing. 
I also kept a dish of water nearby, to thin out the paints and give the picture a little movement.

Hubby gave me helpful suggestions as I went, and I appreciated the fresh eyes after working for a while at 10pm.

We had the hardware (leftover from something else) to hang the picture, so hubby put it on.  We also had some handy dandy little rubber buffer thingers (I'm sure that is the technical term) that we put on the bottom of the back of the pictures, to keep them in place better.  

Hubby hung them and Voila!

Two new, custom, original works for the grand total of $6! 


Crystal said...

Okay, I am so throughly impressed. Those look great!

Jessica said...

I love them! You did such a fantastic job! Those remind me of the beach, they are so calming. I think it's very satisfying to look at your walls and see artwork that YOU created :)

Rhonda said...

Very nice!!!

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