Saturday, June 18, 2011

Easter 2011

In our house, Easter is a pretty big deal.  After all, we are Christians, and without Easter we...wouldn't be.  And so, we began the celebration weeks before, talking about the real message and meaning of Easter.  Christian surprised us when he prayed before bedtime and revealed to us that he actually did hear what we had been conveying to him...

The day before Easter, I decided to introduce Christian to the old pastime of coloring Easter eggs.  He was rather indifferent with the entire process, but I thought it was fun.  (Hey, it's really about pleasing me, right?!)

I had made the kids Easter baskets on the major cheap from the 99 cent store.  I regret the candy and the toy gun that broke 5 minutes after Christian opened it.  Everything else worked out rather well though...

Just after opening the baskets, the boys had candy in their mouths, and Jonathan waited 30 seconds to have his first sugar meltdown of the day.

We cleaned their sticky hands and headed into the "No-No Room" to hunt eggs, as it was raining outside.

And headed to church under the hay barns on the property we (NCC) owns.  It rained, my curls fell, my kids whined, and yet the service was amazing!

My handsome hubby is on the stage in the far left of the picture.  We had one service and hundreds of people.  The break through of sun right over the barn during worship was perfection.
 As is tradition, we then headed to Jessica's mom's house (Debbie Walters) for Easter lunch.  Christian and Ethan played the way only they can.  (Thankfully the weather cleared up so that they could do that playing outside!)

My contribution to the superb meal was a lemon meringue pie and carrot cake with candied carrot peels on top.  It just tasted like Spring.

Do you see the sugar influence?

At the end of the day, after all the sugar crash tantrums were over, Danny and I had one of those moments where we just looked at each other and felt overwhelmed by how blessed we really are.

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