Saturday, June 18, 2011

A Few of My Favorite Things

Monotony has whispered in my ear, so I am using the muscle of thankfulness to fend it off.  This past week I've been thankful for...
  • Bouquets of fresh flowers from my garden, sprinkled throughout the house and giving sweet fragrance to the air.
  • New sprouts of life in my garden.
  • "Normalcy" being interupted by belly laughs with my boys.
  • Inviting rest to a hard-working hubby with a clean home and hot food.
  • An organized garage and orderly bookshelves.
  • Precious moments with precious friends.
  • Opportunity to bless the important Father's in my life.
  • My kitchen.  My pantry.  My sourdough.
So...what have you done to fend off the ugly sight of Monotony?

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Christy said...
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