Thursday, June 2, 2011

Other Garden News

 Because I know that you REALLY can't sleep at night without knowing all that is going on in my garden, here are more little tidbits...
Our dwarf Naval Orange tree is pregnant with lots of promising little fruits.  Oh how I look forward to fresh oranges off my own tree!

Plants are ridiculously expensive.  My solution: reuse the old containers and plant seeds.  I have lots of sprouts already coming up.  It will save money, yes, but for those with less patience than money, it is quite a painful lesson.

I bought a little cup at Home Depot with a seed, soil sponge and directions.  I thought it would be fun to grow with Christian.  After it was 2 inches tall I decided to look at what it was going to be.  It is a birdhouse gourd.  These things vine and take up quite a bit of space.  I think I might trellis it on some stakes to make a teepee.  This could be fun, and it could be interesting.  Time will tell.

Along our walkway I have planted thyme and will put blooming chives behind it.  I've also planted lemon basil and oregano.  I figure, if the kids decide they want to chow down on my plants, at least it won't merit a call to poison control.

I've also planted an ever-bearing strawberry plant.  We've already eaten a couple of beautiful, ripe strawberries.  (By "we" I mean "Christian".)  Again, if we get to harvest them, great.  But really, part of the fun of plants is getting to experience them.  Let's see if I change my tune when I am cooking and all of my tomatoes have been used as baseballs.

It feels good to see that the plants that we planted years ago are thriving, and it encourages me in profound ways.  The work that we put in now, the tilling of landscape, the tender care of seedlings, the continual removal of weeds, will result in a fruitful and beautiful yard in years go come.  Such a metaphor for life!

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