Saturday, June 4, 2011

A Trip Along the Coast - Part 2

There was quite a bit to see and do in Santa Cruz, and we just scratched the surface in the two days we were there.  It is a pretty cool town.  You know, in that hemp-wearing, crunchy-eating, hippy sort of way.  ;-)

We drove around the UC Santa Cruz Campus...
The view from UC Santa Cruz campus.  (Those are dear grazing on "legal" grass, I'm sure.)

...Checked out the world-famous pier (Disney's California Adventure was no doubt inspired by this place.)...
Christian and I cheesing it up in front of the Santa Cruz pier.

...Of course we also visited the beach...
He found a stick.  Shocking.

Having deep theological conversations.

Jonathan's first time on the beach.  Maneuvering the whole "walking in the sand" was tricky, but he was a pro at the end.

...and our favorite stop was a visit to Wilder Ranch.
Christian (3 years old) running up to the ranch...

...and now he's running away....

Peeking at the horses

My Jonny.  18 months old.

If I had the land, I would own a Cypress tree like this.  It is the coolest tree to climb...EVER.

Since I had little followers, I decided to set a good example and only climb up a few feet.
Jonny, loving on his daddy and enjoying the day.

My boys, walking along, side by side.

A picturesque ranch for sure.

While in Santa Cruz we also went shopping at a Borders that was closing (I was heartbroken to see that MANY Borders bookstores were closing along the coast, a corporate downsizing measure).  The liberal element of the city was evident in the books left on the shelves...all conservative.

As we left said Borders, the alarm sounded while we walked out the door.  We left, not thinking anything of it...until we got to the car and found that Christian had stashed a movie in our stroller.  With Christian's deep-instilled fear of being taken to jail evidenced by wails and tears, we walked back into the store, disrupting the quiet (and NOT kid-friendly) store to return the movie and apologize.  With the dirty-looks and sneers being thrown at me, I knew we did the right thing, and was encouraged when one older woman reassured me of just that.  This parenting thing is not for the faint of heart!

After we left Santa Cruz, we headed up to San Francisco....

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