Saturday, June 4, 2011

A Trip Along the Coast - Part 3

San Francisco is another really cool town...

The skyline, skyscrapers, architecture, artistic influences, cultural elements and of course the trolleys.  Love it all!

We had beautiful weather while we visited.  The Golden Gate was magnificent without her normal cloak of fog lain across her shoulders.

When driving across the bridge, it almost looks like she is opening her arms to welcome you to the city.

Ghiradelli Square.  Chocolate, anyone?

Taking a pit stop to pick up a free sample of chocolate.

Christian looking for money to buy more chocolate.

Boudin Sourdough Factory.  Really, what is better than the smell of fresh baked sourdough?  Eating it!

You know you are a bread nerd take your family on the tour of a sourdough factory.  Hey, there were free samples here too.  Informative and yummy!

We were able to a long overdue dinner with my Aunt, Uncle, Grandma and cousins before we headed back down to our neck of the woods.

On our way out of town, we made a few stops.   The places we decided to stop at show that we are a little nerdie at heart. 

Stanford (the Ivy League of the West)

Beautiful campus.  Perhaps I'll go another life.  ;)

Google HQ

The campus is TREMENDOUS.  It is well landscaped, colorful, and if it gets too big to walk, just pick up one of the hundreds of bikes they provide to explore on wheels!

Facebook HQ

I got in trouble for taking a pic of the front doors, but the security guard let me in to take a picture of the board signed by the employees.

The drive home was faster than the drive up, and it went all the faster as I read about how to perfect my sourdough techniques in my new Baker's Apprentice book.  :)

As the sun set on the last day of our mini-cation, we were so thankful for a safe and blessed time to get away and just "be".  It might be a challenge to get away from time to time, but well worth it!

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