Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A Pinterest Sugar-Rush

Pinterest.  If you haven't discovered it yet, you ought to check it out.  Essentially, it is a website where you are able to create a virtual bullitin board with links from the various websites you want to revisit for that idea / recipe / decoration idea that you otherwise would bookmark and forget about.

Thanks to Pinterest, I've discovered (or been reminded of) some fabulous ideas in the kitchen.  Because all of these websites are organized and I am reminded by a image of the item, I am finding I make use of these recipes / ideas more than I would have previously. 

A welcome cold treat on a hot summer day.  You can substitute splenda / agave / sugar-free Torani for the sugar, if you so desire.  Just try to avoid the dreaded "brain-freeze"...it is so good you'll want to suck it down in one slurp.

I made these for the Flores Family birthday celebration in July.  Thankfully, everyone kept their clothes on.  The caramel is the real star of this one, but the entire brownie is an absolute (rich) dream.  The kind of dream where you are riding passenger in a convertible Bentley with the top down and you are throwing money at the poor walking on Rodeo Drive.  Yup, that rich.

I have pinned several other recipes that I've tried and loved, but since I don't have a picture, I will not tease you.  In any case, these two recipes are make-agains.  Make again, and again, and agains. 

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