Saturday, September 4, 2010

Vegas Baby, Yeah!

This year was a big year for Danny (and his twin sister, Deanna).  They turned the BIG 3-0!  To celebrate, his entire family (parents, sisters and brother in laws) decided Vegas would be a fun place to go as a group.  After all, it is the city that never sleeps, so for sure a great place to celebrate, right?!

It ended up working out well for us, as we have a timeshare there.  We arrived a day before others in the group, and got groceries, etc.  We were in a great location just off the strip, so the casino smoke and strip noise didn't effect the kiddos.  The lazy river and pool were Christian's favorite part of the trip!

In true Vegas fashion, we made sure to "indulge".  We ate lavish cuisine:

Pizza with the family in our room

Went for late night 'skinny dipping' topped off with some 'bubbly':

A little soap goes a long way in a jetted tub!

And had front row seats to the most spectacular shows:

Danny and Christian enjoying the sunset (we also saw a spectacular thunderstorm)

The time was wonderful, and certainly flew by.  It was the last trip of our summer, and though I was thankful for all of our recreation and family time, I have to admit that I was ready for routine and a little slower life.  (Incidentally, I am still waiting on that routine and slower part to kick in.)

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