Thursday, September 30, 2010


Recently we went to Walmart for a trip that was less-than-a-blast with the kids.  Christian opened a bag of toys and took one out to play with.  I explained that until we paid money for our things, it was considered stealing.  Later that night at the dinner table, we told Danny about what happened.  Danny told Christian that people that steal are taken to jail (little did he know that I had previously had a conversation with Christian about the police and how they take bad guys to jail).  Christian's demeanor changed, his face rather serious and slightly frightened, and he told Danny that he would never steal again.

Fast forward two weeks to bedtime.  I went through the normal bedtime ritual with the kids - Jonathan's bath while Christian cleaned up his toys, Jonathan's bottle and bed, Christian's bath, then story, then bible story, then bed.  I was tired, and so tried to fast forward the procedure slightly.  As I tossed Christian into bed I told him that I was going to steal a quick kiss.  His face immediately changed to be concerned.  "Mom, the police are going to come and take you to jail now!"

It took me a second to process the connections, but I cuddled him, said good-night, and then giggled on the way out the door.  Oh how I love the way my little boy thinks!

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