Saturday, September 25, 2010

L.A. County Fair - 2010

The entire Flores family

Ok, so I know many of you might find the fact that we go to the LA County Fair religiously every year a bit odd.  I would too, except for the fact that I married into a family that has held the tradition of annually attending the Fair (and occasionally participating in exhibits) for GENERATIONS.  It is a very special event for the family, and with deep fried deliciousness, I figure I can make the sacrifice.  ;-)

Cheesin' for camera with daddy

Jonathan loves his Uncle Scott!

This year we have gone twice.  The first time we went on Labor Day (opening weekend) and it took us an hour and a half to get from the freeway into the parking lot.  NO JOKE.  That day was packed, and we had a blast but were exhausted by the crowds. 

First fair trip of the season...ready to go!

Today we met up with Danny's entire family.  We were so excited (Christian woke up this morning talking about how excited he was about the fair) and enjoyed our time in spite of the 108 degree heat.  (We beat the heat by exploring every building we could!)

Sleepy boy

As we had a rough night last night, we ran our kids until they passed out.  Jonathan used his bottle to get him to naptime (at about 4pm...4 hours later than his normal naptime), and Christian used an ice cream cone:

We played, walked, ate and laughed.  We also apparently stayed too long, as Christian had a ROYAL meltdown that lasted for a good 50 minutes. 

Meltdown City

The end of the evening went like this: Both boys melt down, Christian screams like a banshee to the car.  Both boys scream like banshees in car.  Christian refuses to touch dinner / drink, even though parents know he needs them.  Suddenly, after 30 minutes of screaming and driving, Christian asks (nicely) for his drink.  He talks about how good it is and how he thinks Aunt Monica is 'the best' for giving him a new cup from the fair.  He asks (nicely) for his corndog and exclaims "This is SO yummy, mommy!  It is delicious!  Oh, and there is a hot dog inside!  I LOVE this!" 

'Twas a great day filled with great memories, and so goes another year of visiting the fair.

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