Saturday, September 4, 2010

One Heck of a Gift

Have you ever had one of those weeks that challenged you to the core?  I have had a few of those lately.  Christian is going through a new phase that has consisted of a battle of the wills on a daily basis.  Jonathan has an innate sense as to what is off limits, and is into it all.  On top of that there were other circumstances that were hitting even deeper going on and I was feeling discouraged.  And then I received a package in the mail.

Back story: my Aunt Jan is my dad's little sister.  They both share a love of miniatures (my dad loves model trains, Aunt Jan loves dollhouses).  For the past few years, Aunt Jan has been building dollhouses from scratch (from blueprint to details such as pictures on the walls) as a hobby.  She made a replica of my mom's sewing room recently that was uncanny.

The package I received sat on the counter in my kitchen while I took a call that ended up to be difficult.  When getting off the phone, I set my sights on the package and decided to open it (not having the slightest clue as to the contents).  As I unwrapped it, I recognized the box.  It was very similar to the one my mom's replica had come in.  I started to cry, and took the lid off... 

This is what I found.  An exact replica of my kitchen - the heart of my home and where I do my most creative work.  It was complete with a "creative mess" as I call my baking messes.

Apparently, Aunt Jan had been working on this for some time, and had my mom and Danny take pictures to send to her for this project.  She included the things we keep on top of our fridge, our two coffee makers, our decor...EVERYTHING.

To top it off she included a birthday cake just for me.  Can you even stand how amazing this gift is?!

For the record, this is what my kitchen actually looks like.


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