Wednesday, December 29, 2010

When There is 'Too Much of a Good Thing'

Really, is there "Too much of a good thing"?  The answer, sadly, is yes.  That is at least for your waistline and trusty ol' (sometimes mistreated) bathroom scale.  

I have deemed the time from Halloween until New Year's officially "Eating Season".  As we are (thankfully) nearing the end of said season, I have an idea as to how you might turn those Christmas treats received as gifts into "gifts that keep on giving".  

Some of my favorite treats on two of my favorite Christmas gifts from my 'sis' Jessica.  Yup, she made those gorgeous cake plates.  She is superwoman.  Check out her blog post on how to make them.

Ready for my suggestion?  Drumroll please.....freeze it!  Make sure you have good freezer bags, label them, and put them away for another day.  Of course, you could give away goodies to friends, but, well, don't hold your breath waiting for me to give away my Peppermint Bark or See's Candy.  As a plus, some cookies and fudge actually taste *better* out of the freezer!

As an aside, I also do this with *some* of the Christmas dinner leftovers (I mean, how many tamales, ham dinners and turkey sandwiches can a girl take?).  I put together entire meals in a freezer safe tupperware, label it with masking tape (including the date), and throw it in the freezer.  Who need to spend nearly $5 on fast food when you have it in your freezer?

I eat turkey pot pie made from leftover Christmas turkey as I write.  Love those snowflake cutouts?  Becca B. is to thank!
And I leave you with this little note: get creative with your leftovers and enjoy the final days of eating season.  Come January 1, we'll all be carrot-snacking workout-fiends! 

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