Thursday, March 10, 2011

Favorite Christianisms of the Week

Christian: "Mom, what do you smell like?"
Me: "Christian, coffee.  I smell like coffee."
Christian: "Whew.  I don't care at all for that smell."


(Pushing chair between his grandma and me.)
Me: "Christian, why are you doing that...right there?"
Christian: "Because mom, I want to be all up in it! Aaalll up in it."


(After I had been multi-tasking and forgot to get his drink.)
Christian: "MOM, you forgot my milk...again."
Me: "Oh Christian, you're right.  I'm so sorry."
Christian: "Woman, WHAT were you thinking?!"


Jessica said...

He really said that last comment??? Oh my... that boy! haha.

Elissa Newton said...

Oh he's defiantly a keeper

Jolene Grace said...

Yes, he really did. He's a character. And Elissa, he is "defiantly a keeper". ;-)

Crystal said...

These are my most favorite posts! love him =)

Rhonda said...

So cute.
You can tell Christian I said thanks for the smile this evening.

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